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Friday, December 24, 2010


We want to thank all the people who have donated so far.

s you may or may not already know LAGTV has a PayPal account open to donations. We thought it would be a good idea to break down exactly how your awesome donations are put to use. Before I go any further I'll remind everyone that 100% of all donations goes directly back in to LAGTV. Let me explain how:

LAGTV Tournaments

Everyone loves a good tournament! Of course, a prize pool makes a tournament that much better. Our first ever tournament had an $80 top prize which came out of Mr. Black's own pocket because we wanted to make it worthwhile for our fans. We can't keep doing that however and so a massive portion of donations will be going toward our tournament prize pools. We have a cap of $100 for prize pools and won't make them any higher unless it's for something special. If we do one tournament a month and receive more than $100 in a month in donations (which would be insane) we simply defer the remaining cash to the next tournament and so on. Whatever the prize pool ends up being, we take 25% of the money and put it towards...

LAGTV Upkeep

This is where the rest of the donation money goes. Upkeep refers to maintaining this glorious website, our Youtube channel, and buying new equipment to help us bring you better content faster and hopefully on a more consistent basis.


"That all sounds great, Adam but show me some numbers! I want an example like 11th grade math class!"

I can do that!

Let's say, for the sake of this example, we received $175 in the month of January. After replacing our underwear this is how the money would be divided up:

Opening Balance for February = $175

Tournament Prize Pool for February = $(100)
- 75% for prizes = $75
- 25% for upkeep = $25

Closing balance for February = $75

Say we didn't get any money in February. After being depressed, but totally understanding, this is how the money would be divided up:

Opening Balance for March = $75

Tournament Prize Pool for Match = $(75)
- 75% for prizes = about $55
- 25% for upkeep = about $20

Closing balance for March = $0
So that's how it's broken up. Prize pools and the financial support of LAGTV is almost entirely dependent on you guys out there, our fans. If only 120 people gave $5 each we'd have enough to run fully covered LAGTV Tournaments for half a year! We're not asking for money, because ultimately we're not trying to make money off these donations in any capacity. We're simply putting it on the table so that everyone understands what it will take to keep LAGTV tournaments and all it's other functions successful and awesome for a long time to come.

PLEASE don't feel obligated to donate, whether you can or can't!!! We don't want anyone to feel like it's necessary for LAGTV to continue because it's not! We'll keep truckin' either way so don't feel obligated to donate whatsoever. If you do donate and don't wish to be placed on the Donations Thank You List thread, please email us at when you make the donation and tell us. We'll gladly respect your privacy.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them below or in a private message to either myself or MaximusBlack!

Have a good one!


  1. Hello, found your when cheese fails series, laughed, though I would give you one too.

    Sorry for being so crude and doing it in the comments :(

  2. Hey guys I'm new to ur site but that intro was actually really nice. Very well presented and thought out. It's good to see some guys really putting in the effort to show how everything is working and even better that it's non profit. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to seeing more when cheese fails :)

  3. P.s. My screen name is deathonwings so if u ever want a game give me a yell I'm just gold so not to hard :) have a good one

  4. I love the shit outta you guys!!!

    I've already played Dead Space and Dead Space 2 so many times and watched my friend and gf play through them, so I'll pass on it as it gives me headaches to watch now. When you play another game, I'll come back. I'll still be giving you views on all your videos though ;) Minecraft is awesome too, keep it coming!!!

  5. Hi guys, I really enjoy your program but I'd encourage you think a little harder about your "rape humor." If you think that kind of thing is funny you must not know anyone who's been raped. I'm thinking specifically of jokes like "how do you like your rape?" from an episode I just watched, but I know there's been other instances.

    I understand you're trying to appeal to a particular demographic, and that demographic may find rape funny, but I wonder if you have the compassion to realize it's not.

    Thanks again, I really do like your program.